Same. But Better.

by TRC

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Insincere were the blessings I don’t need.
Protected. I’m already. Stood steady back ready to go,

Row the boat against the fucking stream, you can't take what matters to me, wear your armbands jump in the sea.

I'm thinking this is what they want? Stripped back up front, an ode to honesty with lyrics so blunt, coz my pens been resting for like 24 months, drifting on a ship that very nearly sunk, they said blow it up, and jumped, what the fuck? You know I'd never ever do do that, now back on these tracks on a regular part time basis, same but better. Stripped back to basics.

Push hard.
Fight against the tide.
Built strong. last long.
This boat won’t capsize
You can’t take away what we have learnt (it's been a journey)
But we can hold on, with fingers burnt

I guess this is what they want, Bringing it back up front, an ode to you man with lyrics so blunt, coz his pens been resting for like 48 months, drifting on a ship that very nearly sunk, we say jump.

You say how high, always the hard way against the tide, 10 years deep swimming in pride, and still very fit.

So that means I got same old lyrics, sing the same old shit, bringing back a feeling that we've really missed, now come on,

Who said it was a swan song? You'll be dead wrong

10 years plus in the game, And now I'm rapping over fast parts, driving Smart cars, no more smart arse, funny how the times can change, But then we train for longevity, it's in our make up, so a break up was never on the cards, and maybe this band of jokers can have the last laugh, it's not a cuss, it's not a dig, but the fans wanted the old us, well here it is, just a quick one, still taking the piss, do it coz we love it, if I love it I won't quit, recognise that it's not finished

I wish you luck on your way
and I’ll keep what’s mine, till my dying day

Fuck off


released March 13, 2015



all rights reserved


TRC London, UK

You know the deal. Complete independence and all the better for it.

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